Redneck Spaceship - Grand Marshal Ape

Redneck Spaceship's "Grand Marshal Ape", album is one heck of a listen. When looking at the names of either of these, you likely think that this is an act with clear country embedded within all the way. But after listening to a number of tracks like "The Sands Of Dakar", "On The Roadside", "Don't Listen", and "That Sounds Nuts", you are hit with other genres that you would not even imagine possible, coming from an act such as one with a name like this. For it is a combination to that of hard rock, rock, blues rock, classic rock, heavy metal, psychedelic rock, and southern rock with some dash of stoner rock thrown in for good measure, that creates the style of sound that only this act can create for success. This leads to "Grand Marshal Ape", being a rather crafty album, with upbeat attraction that it makes the music more enjoyable. Like how the instruments and vocalization work so willingly together, it makes it all worth wild, because as you hear it all coming together, it makes each of these tracks or the whole album, more polished and grounded for the most part. Redneck Spaceship is just an act of style who have lots to offer, in terms of music, because everything off the "Grand Marshal Ape", release is quality production, with upbeat tones that make this release so flawless it becomes endless.

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