Kaoteon's Anthony and Walid Mention of a Long Era Of Chaos

Extremists KAOTEON are an act of the metal kind, blending together the likeness of extreme metal, with blackened death metal, to create a uniqueness that is their own. Thus, band members Anthony Kaoteon (guitars, founder, music composer) with Walid Wolflust (vocals and lyricsts) talk of the new album and their music creation with everything thrown in-between.

1. First of all, please take the time to introduce your band and members to our readers?

Anthony Kaoteon: We are two members today that are giving everything they got to mark history with their sound. Walid Wolflust (Lyricist, Vocalist) and Anthony Kaoteon (founder and music composer).

2. Tell me more about the formation of the band. How did you guys meet and all, is there a special meaning behind who Kaoteon is as an act?

 Anthony Kaoteon: I started as a one man band in 1998 after I got my first electric guitar and wanted to play black metal. I tried out several members in the first 3 years until I met Walid who has been the shout to my riffs ever since. Kaoteon is a scream against the wrong things happening around us that affect our lives. It is our gun. The sound of our idol egos.

3. Where does a name like Kaoteon come from and why does it exist as such?

Anthony Kaoteon: Kaoteon is Chaotic Aeon and it means a long era of chaos. The name was there since 1999 as it used to be Chaotic Aeon previously.

4. Can you please tell us about the concepts and lyrical themes to that of your music?

Walid WolfLust: My lyrics are mainly about personal and social struggles, my own philosophy and my view of politics and religion.

5. Whom do you reach out to when seeking inspiration and or influence when crafting together your music of choice?

Walid WolfLust: Anthony and I have a versatile taste in music and that definitely helps. We always try to discover new things and learn in order to progress. 

6. Whereabouts are you in terms of new music, can you disclose the details of said album?

Anthony Kaoteon: Damnatio Memoriae will be of 9 tracks which were recorded in 4 different countries of the world. I composed the music and recorded the guitars in Dubai, Walid wrote the lyrics and recorded the vocals in Amsterdam, Linus recorded in Germany and Fredrik in Sweden. This is judgement.

7. What types of music does your band partake in making?

Anthony Kaoteon: I do not compose music thinking of a genre. I think about sound evolution. How can I move forward by creating a new bridge of sound without sounding too different than the previous record so be it black, death, thrash or avant garde. Kaoteon plays metal. The best of it.

8. When can we expect to hear the album that is yet to become available?

Walid WolfLust: The album will be released on the 23rd of February, we have released 3 songs on YouTube so far and we are considering releasing additional tracks before that. 

9. What do you plan to do in the mean time as far as plans go?

Anthony Kaoteon: Spread the word. Play shows where possible, make a video clip, and compose new tracks.

10. Would you like to add or say anything more before we depart?

Walid WolfLust: I would like to thank you for your interest in our band and our message. Keep on supporting metal music \m/.

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