Capital North has made their official debut, teaming up with New Noise Magazine to unveil the video for their track, "Glass Houses," directed by Jesse Lynch. Centered around human relationships with nature, as well as one another, "Glass Houses" tells the story of an individual realizing that although nothing is perfect in our world, or even our lives, we can be our own salvation if we focus on what is truly important. The band explains further:

"We initially wrote the track about the destruction of the natural world by humankind. However, the meaning of the song expanded in the studio to encompass the topic of relationships with friends, family, partners, and the Earth, as well as the mistakes that we as humans inevitably tend to make. It has become one of our favorite tracks on the album, and embodies so much of our ideals and principles - we are temporary, but this does not mean we should treat the Earth, or our personal relationships as though they are not."

Check it right over HERE.

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