Unreal Overflows - Latent

"Latent", is the third full-length album to come from Spanish technical death metal act Unreal Overflows. This release bearing the single made into a recent video titled "Stories of Uncertain Morals", which demonstrates what Unreal Overflows is capable of within their variation of the tech death metal genre. The vocals are fierce yet determined in force, whereas the guitars and bass gather up the melodies both fast and other times mellow, whilst the drums, take it all in to combine together a mash-up of intensity crossed with heaviness that is raw and truly powerful. When listening to this track among others "The Worst Beginning", "Human Obscenity State", and "The Project", you get hit with this American meets European flare of various acts, that Unreal Overflow fits against. These similarities being acts a lot like Killswitch Engage or even some of Dillinger Escape Plan, both really give off the same vibe that Unreal Overflows does so here. But it is likely due to the fact alone, that their take of this metal genre, just works so well for them. Upon any of these tracks selected or any of the others, really shows an aim towards development and evolving with their music. Not just their craft as the music forms, but expressing more or less of a solid grasp into their music as a whole. If intense, fast delivery with some moments of mellow passion is to your likes, then by all means Unreal Overflows is one to do so, in the case of their album that be titled "Latent".

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