Neter - Inferus

Death metal act Neter have got a new album to their namesake, it being titled "Inferus". With this title their comes a change of pace for the death metal act, as their years of music go to a much darker sound, being very powerful and influenced by bands like Behemoth, Decapitated, Hate Eternal, and even some Vader and Nile. This being more or less what you can hear upon this album "Inferus". It is a delivery of development with an evolution of pace, that sounds both intense yet aggressive in tone. Likely the material is fast, intense as said, with loads of instrumental marking's that make the vocal chords more determined than ever to get noticed. In short, the material just sounds heavy duty plain and simple. If you are into the influential acts that Neter looks upon, than their "Inferus", album will do you just fine and dandy.

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