Alex Otey - Love Matters Now

Alex Otey began his musical career at a young age, at the age of 7 to be precise, having classical training of the trumpet, percussion, adding on with the piano and singing to perfect his skill, as he would grow into his teen years.

Throughout his teen and young adult years, his music career choice was the right way to go for him. As he would perform with numerous bands and orchestras, forming even a few small ensembles here and there, that would include his trio act way later known as the Alex Otey Trio, consisting of Alex Otey himself of course, as well as bassist Chris Clark and drummer Kevin Kuchinsky.

While he has recorded a number of releases over the years, "Love Matters Now", is his most recent that has taken on a combination of genres, ranging from pop, jazz, and even some Americana. Thus by doing this, he has created a well blended and balanced source of material, that is a mix up between Harry Connick Jr. crossed with Dr. John mixed with Randy Newman. Plus the added addition of Jamie Cullum's style tactics at that. All of these artists bringing something to the table for Alex Otey's "Love Matters Now".

That said, this 12 track release really does pick a part this album. Not only bringing together such artists in similar style and sound, but in a variety of quality as well. For instance, take such tracks as "When We're Together", "Making A Dream", "Living For The Moment", and "After All This Time". These selections alone, really set up for what this album will become. It is not just an album set with similar fashion to these other artists, but these tracks really showcase the ability that Alex Otey has built and created for himself.

These tracks alone become some of the most upbeat, catching, and grooviest tracks off this album. They truly keep the music moving, like a never ending flow of melodies and vocal chords that keeps it constantly fresh. Hearing the tracks playing off one another makes this a solid piece of art and craft if at that. It is really an album that becomes one you will obsess over. So much is offered it with a vast canvas of art and music that it is flawless and overflowing with effort.

Alex Otey's work through the years is well thought out and well played as well. He is able to build up from the ground, to create a style that is in similar, fashion of the past into the modern age of today. "Love Matters Now", is that type of release that keeps the music jumping and bumping.

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