CRIPPER Releases Video for "Into The Fire"

Cripper has released a new video for "Into The Fire". Comments CRIPPER on the video: "The video for "Into The Fire" is our 8th music video. So what do you do as a band to not bore yourself with repetition? Right, you crank it up to 11 and take it to the next level! 'Into The Fire' is not only the track that inspired us for our upcoming album's title 'Follow Me: Kill!', it is also one of the album's bosses so to speak. Music, lyrics, story and performance mark another milestone in CRIPPER's history. Many thanks at this point to our friends who once more helped us bringing our madness to life with this self-made video production by delivering brilliant performances and lending us their muscles and brains to make things work. We owe you!" Check it HERE.

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