Fit and the Conniptions - Old Blue Witch

When an artist or band for that matter, goes as far as disclaiming that their genre of choice has been misnamed all this time, then how else would you depict their music, both in style and sound? Well then it would have to be considered original and unique works of art, as music is an art form of sorts. Other meaning of expression would likely pass as calling it nothing you have heard before, which is how Wayne Myers a singer-songwriter from merry old London, England out of the U.K. thinks of his works under namesake that is Fit and the Conniptions.

Over the course of his career span as Fit and the Conniptions, he has quite a number of releases tucked under his belt. One of which is his most recent release "Old Blue Witch". A collection of material that is a very fitting yet shifting album. It brings forth an array of various sorts, sounds, and what not's that you would not expect to hear from an English act such as this one. It is weird yet made up of tons of ideals that take in the thoughts, sounds, and cultures of all over, that it is hard to pin point a proper placement for its source.

Nonetheless though, Fit and the Conniptions' "Old Blue Witch", is one solid release with a lot of upbeat and catchy downright fun tunes like "Mermaid Song", "What Kelly Knew", "Carolina", and "Useful Things".  Each of them playing off one another, to bring forth a funny old time, leaving you wanting more!

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