The Misfits Reunited Los Angeles Show SOLD OUT!

The Misfits reunited for one of two reunion showcases that have been arranged by the band. The first was held in Denver, Colorado, back on September 4th 2016 at the Riot Fest, where they performed a 25 song setlist!

Since then no word on if another reunion showcase would happen until one year later, when the band went on to post an announcement to be made that Monday August 21st 2017 with just the numbers of "1230". As it turned out the "1230" was referring to the time that is 12:30PM for that Monday. Once the time struck, the announcement of their second reunion showcase to be held for December 30th 2017 in Los Angeles, California at The Forum in Inglewood, California would take place!

Beginning on Tuesday August 22nd 2017 pre-sale tickets began to be sold, starting at 12:30PM! From that day onward leading up to the general public sale happening August 25th 2017 at 12:30PM, tickets of other pre-sales would take place from Tuesday to Thursday of that week! Once the general public tickets went on sale, that tickets would soon be sold out in just one day!

Tickets ranging from $235.00 to $39.00 was the price range for ticket pricing, which were all gone in a matter of hours time! So as it has it, this second reunion showcase of the original line-up of The Misfits, is officially SOLD OUT! Only other way to grab your own is by buying from local fans selling tickets or through scalpers online or on site the day of the show!

What else will these two one year a part reunion shows lead to next? Perhaps a full fledged tour of it's own or another album with the original line-up maybe? Who knows for sure but only time will tell!

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