The Corridors - End Of The Times

Music can come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from a wide variety of course. That said music like anything else does come in a variety of sorts, as well as shapes and sizes in the form of the music itself. That being said now twice has us with the likes of a band from of all places Israel! Yes you heard right Israel another one of those faraway places where an act by the name of The Corridors roams free creating music willingly and freely thus it has lead them to write and record their latest and newest album "End Of The Times". Which will be released via the record label in which The Corridors has just signed on with Bongo Boy Records.

In fact this album will be set free released all over the world this summer. But for now though the album itself consists of 15-tracks that has the band blending together a multitude of instruments, sounds, creating a slight contemporary of alternative mixes that could bring to mind that of INXS and U2 perhaps. Thus it has come down to this discussion about said release that is THE "End Of The Times". The album kicking things off with the opening number called "Stop The World", which sounds a lot like the early works to that of U2, having a similar styling in instrumental form, while the vocal chords sound more light hearted and upbeat. Next up is a track called "Autumn Leaves", having it be a take away from the opener, this one being more toned down than the previous number. It has the vocals and instrumentals take a more acoustic approach just slightly, still having the music being more upbeat yet easy going.

As the album continues onward from the opening duo of tracks, it becomes quite an enjoyable release. Like the rest of the album where it leaves off with such tracks as "Part Of You", "Face Of The Ground", and "Delicate Condition", are all top notch quality successors for this album. They have got the pride and passion in the written form and music form as well. Pretty much they become those hand selected tracks that draw you in ever so further into the band at hand here. Their music being much more eye opening and ear inspiring to the listener as it were if that makes any sense at all.

The next portion of the album with such tracks as "I Have Died A Thousand Times", "Just Like The Way She Though It Will Be", "Grace", and "Raindrops", are the next batch of the bunch that keeps the music flowing right along. The music still being very in touch with the vocals and instrumentals, that it makes the music expand itself, growing more than its previous content. As the album draws itself to a closing point, with its last chunk of material "End Of The Times", the title track for one, "Chain Reaction", "Free Spirit", "Empty Holes", with a few others like "Wild As A River", and "Inspired Visions". These songs that indeed wrap up this release, really make this album whole. As in, it is very wholesome and well rounded for itself. Again it is material that is a lot like U2's works with a lot of INXS's energy thrown in.

If none of that convinces you to dive right into the album that is "End Of The Times", by The Corridors, then perhaps their source of blended music just is not for you. But feel free to open up that close minded self, because these guys have got what it takes, hence why it showcases itself right here on this release.

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