Remark Makes a Mark by Falling

Russian alternatives REMARK have made a mark for themselves, since the release of their debut self-titled album released not that long ago. That release came with it a hit single turned video called "Falling". This all lead the band to continue onward playing shows, and even going as far as writing and recording all new material, to be released in the form an EP due out soon. Two of the band mates bassist Ivan and frontman vocalist Yanas, discusses their most recent album, single, and the all new material that is in the works.

1. First off, who are you and what role do you have in the band?

Hello! My name is Alexander and I'm the front man of the REMARK!

2. Can you tell us as to why the band wanted to be called REMARK? Does the name, have a reference in anyway?

It's simple. We were sitting in the kitchen in our drummer’s house (at that time it was Vitya Kiselevich) and, as usual, drank, laughed and decided to come up with a name for the band. When I came into the band, they were called, Starshell or something. In general, that was shit. And I'm very proud that the actual name REMARK came to me. Just shortly before I read Remark's book "Triumphal Arch". We do not use the surname of the writer, but the word «remark». In my opinion it can mean a lot, let everyone choose himself.

3. What made you want to go and have your latest and newest album, go the self-titled approach.

We want to make REMARK like a brand. So far not much people know about us, and we thought that there is no sense to come up with any name of the first album.

4. How would you describe this self-titled release, to someone who has never heard of your music before, what would be the hook, to reel them in to hear it?

We play the music that we, ourselves want to listen to. I feel pure joy from everything we do, like all the guys. Therefore, our music is first of all sincere, bold and free. If something like that is in you - buy a record!

5. What's the story behind the new song turned single for "Falling"?

This is one of the very first songs written by us all together. Den (guitarist) played the opening part and main riff, then we jammed. The guys played, I roared something in my own language ... Then we listened to the recording from the mobile phone, and we liked it. That's all. Sometimes, our songs are written in a completely trivial way.

6. What else do you have in the works, as far as new music, how is that process coming along?

We love to create. We very much like to make something new. On the new record, we reveal what we call REMARK. It seems to me that the new EP will give a more complete picture to our listeners. We hone our style and move on.

7. When can we expect to hear more new music from you guys?

The summer festivals come soon, and I want to light ‘em up! And of course run new material. Therefore, we will release a new EP very soon!

8. If you were not involved with REMARK as of right now, what do you think you would be doing, would it still be music or something else altogether?

My way is music. I'm sure if there was not REMARK, I would be doing absolutely the same, just the other line-up, other songs, in general in another parallel universe ... No, I'm happy that it's as it is.

9. What are the plans for you guys, between now and the rest of this year?

There are a lot of plans. I'm not even aware of all of them, as far as organizational issues, promotion, etc. are concerned. We have a fuse, an energy and a desire. We will do everything in a row. Everything to become a little more famous!

10. Do you have anything else you would like to say or want to add on?

Friends, enjoy the summer! Be sure to swim a lot, sunbathe, and drink of course. Life is so short! Don't forget to look for us online as well!
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