Crystal Ignite says Everything You Break is of Tragedy and Realization Together as One

 Australian up-and-comer Crystal Ignite has released her debut single called "Everything You Break". A song that is one of the most emotional tracks she has ever written, dealing with tragedy and realization all mixed together. Crystal goes into further explanation about this single, her influences, writing abilities, and plans for the next year!

1. Can you give me a brief summary as to why you wanted a career in music?

As a kid, singing was one of the only things that made me feel anything, let alone joy, it was almost forced upon me as a means of survival. I've overcome some really awful things in my life, survived all kinds of abuse for a long period of time, music helped me heal myself and in turn, now I've had it as a goal to use music as a tool to help others because I know how amazing I feel now and I want to pay it forward. I can wholly and completely say I am healed now and music was a big part of the reason for that.

2. Why did you want to name this project after yourself Crystal Ignite?

Funnily enough I didn't want to initially, I have some amazing friends who are shamans/lightworkers and they have all been telling me I need to do it under my own name and brand. I really didn't want it to come across egotistical which is why I had reservations about it, I even asked my current US line up what they thought about making it Crystal Ignite and the "something's?", but they all said they are happy to do it under my name. I guess after 14 years actively pushing it in this industry (most of which was in Australia but 3 years were in America) I have earned my stripes as a songwriter and front woman, the name is pretty memorable too, so I let go of my doubt and just went "f&@k it" let's put it all on the line. I've always been the leader in the projects I've been a part of, it's time to push my brand..... and so now, it's all under Crystal Ignite :) I think the fact that this project is now going to be my vision, and they are my songs which I'll also be writing with different people too, I'm completely at the nucleus of this one.

3. What has influenced your sound and style?

I have a diverse range of influences. Kurt contain for the song writing as well as Michael Jackson. I am also influenced by those guys for different reasons vocally, Zack De La Rocha of Rage Against The Machine for my heavier gritty vocals, Skin from skunk Anansie for the high chest voice hard rock singing.... Florence And The Machine for the new style and flavored I'm putting into the sound with the tribal drum influenced alt pop songs, Sia and Adele too. Oh man too many to name....

4. What are your songs about? (What specific themes do they cover?)

I cover all kinds of themes basically what ever the music is making me feel or whatever I need to heal or get out of my system..... when I get screwed over in life, I don't seek revenge, I write music..... I've written about heart break and breaking up with a soul mate, breaking up with a twin flame, about overcoming bullying, abuse, haters..... so much, but I almost always have a positive resolve unless in the rare case it's a complete vent. I've also used other peoples stories that had an effect on me to inspire song writing as well.... it really depends on the song and what Im going though at the time. :)

5. Do you write your own songs? (Discuss the songwriting process in detail.)

Yes I do, I write all of my own stuff, but I usually bring in another writer. I write all my vocals and lyrics, there is the odd time that someone may make a suggestion vocally that I love though, my theory is that the song itself has to come first so whatever is best for the song.... recently I've been writing with my very gifted best buddy Chris Zoupa, sometimes I take a song I've finished to him and he add synth, guitars and programmed drums to the demo. Other times I air an idea to him and we collaborate that way, sometimes he writes a song on guitar and shows me and I love it so I just write the vocals - other times he will show me something and I only like the verse for example but I'll elk him what I am hearing for the chorus and he then builds on that. There are no rules other than if one of us doesn't like it, it's not good enough and it gets scrapped.... I'm having the time of my life writing with him and I absolutely love collaborating with talented musicians, when you gel it's hard to find a greater feeling in the world.

6. How do you describe your music to people?

Sometimes I say tribal drum influenced alt pop/rock. Sometimes I say florence and the machine meets rage against the machine and evanescence.

7. Why did you want "Everything You Break", as your debut single, what was it about this song that made you pick it as such?

It was the first one I wrote and recorded, I hadn't fully completed anything else yet, considering that particular one I took to two other writing partners in LA which we recorded together, it made sense to release it first. This particular song was signed to a licensing deal administered through Sony ATV and extreme music - it just made sense to roll with it; I'm so happy with the result!

8. You will soon be releasing your new EP. This just so happens to be your debut EP, what comes to mind when hearing such a thing?

I am filled with the excitement of new beginnings. I just feel like I have this amazing blank canvas I can paint on with so many new skills I learnt along the way. I have felt for a while that it's the start of something big and it has already begun in some respects especially having the honor of Ben Moody featured in my new single. I can just feel it, it's an absolutely amazing feeling!

9. Can you tell me a little bit about it, what can we expect from it?

Expect raw emotion, intensity and honesty. Expect me to always be striving to raise the bar on my previous work and expect a final product I am really happy with. My new stuff has a more modern and fresh vibe to it compared to my past stuff which was relevant at the time, but time has passed now.... I've gone through a massive personal transformation and I feel it is translating in my new music too.

10. What is your favorite song on the EP and why?

It's way too hard to pick a favorite - it's like saying who is your favorite child. The aim is always to match the best song, if the other stuff isn't as good as your best song then I don't think your release is going to be good enough. Each song has a different emotion and vibe and so what I'm vibing with the most depends on my mood. Live, however, I'm a sucker for the heavy stuff, but to actually sing, I love the ballad type stuff where the vocals really shine.

11. Would you say that this EP is your best work to date?

That's always the goal, I won't put my name on it if it's not the best work I've done to date - that is the expectation I will always have on myself.

12. How would you say you differ from other bands and artists on the scene?

I'm not trying to be anyone but myself, sure I have influences but they are purely inspiration, I draw everything from within myself because I know that every single person is special and unique and it's just a question of finding where you shine. I was forced to find where I shine early on in the piece so I have had a long time to hone my craft. My extreme and painful life experiences I have gone through have made me the performer I am today, and those things are my greatest assets and what set me apart from everyone else. When you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, it makes for magic.... I'm all about making magic.

13. What do you want to achieve as an artist?

I want to have the ultimate level of success, to be recognized for my music, to help others through my music, to make money through my music and to use that money to create a global foundation to help homeless teenagers and victims of abuse and incest. I know I'm on this planet to do that this life time and I'm not going to stop until I achieve it.

14. What does next year hold for you?

Next year will be the biggest game changer of my life.... global touring, a new album release for next year, taking on America for the second time (I love the states so much), growing with my beautiful partner and more happiness than ever before!

15. Describe yourself in three words.

3 words to describe myself: Strong, Fearless, Ignite!

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