LIV SIN says Enjoy Life, Do Yoga and Headbang!

Sweden go getter Liv "Sin" Jagrell or LIV SIN as she's now known by, was the former frontwomen for Sister Sin. Now that they have called it quits, Liv knew she had more much in her to give to her fans. Thus, LIV SIN was born which lead her to write and record for her solo debut release "Follow Me". LIV SIN herself goes into great detail about her past with Sister Sin, and her present and future as LIV SIN.

1. For those who may not know, can you give us a brief explanation as to why you are no longer involved with Sister Sin?

Of course! Sister sin was a heavily touring band and after Mayhem Fest in 2015 two of the band members felt that the joyment in touring and playing in professional band was gone , so when they left the band the two of us that were still there didn't feel like it would be the same anymore, even if we found new members. We felt it was better to stop at that point when we were still on the top. It was very sad for all of us but in the end I think it was for the best, you can't force people to play.

2. Since that time is behind you, what can be said about you as of now as Liv Sin?

Well my goal is to take this band even further than Sister Sin. We are working on tours and already started to plan an make songs for next record.

3. What would you consider this project as a solo efforts in the form of an artist or in the form of a band?

Definitely as a band! Even though it has my name and of course I'm the one who started and put this together, we are all working as band , everyone contributes. I don't see myself as a solo person with hired guns, I like the band feeling!

4. Why did you go with calling it after yourself Liv Sin?

Mostly for easier pr and marketing, it was a decision I took together with my manager and my record label.

5. While your time in Sister Sin is behind you, can we expect you to perform any of their songs in your setlist mixed in with the Liv Sin works?

Yes, I promise I squeeze in a couple of Sister Sin songs! I know my fans want to hear it, and it's thanks to them I can still doing this, so of course I'll give em some of the old stuff.

6. You went with "Let Me Out" as the first single off "Follow Me". Why was that, what made this song in particular stand out above the rest?

I think that song is the one that is closest to a Sister Sin song, so that's one of the reasons we choose it, the. But also it's probably the most hooky one, and the labels favorite.

7. Speaking of "Follow Me", that is the title for this album, why go with that title, does it have a meaning behind it?

No comment.

8. Why was the album's artwork done the way it was, having you front and center with your minions in the backdrop, what does this art represent for this release?

Since it is my project from the beginning we felt it's good to highlight me, and that people might recognize me from Sister Sin and get curious about the new band. And also since the title says "follow me" I started with my new band members hehe. 😉

9. What's your take on "Follow Me" as a whole?

A start of something greater that I hope a lot of people will join me in. I see music as a big healer in the world. It truly has the power to unite people.

10. How do you all balance being in a metal band with the needs of normal life?

Finding balance can be very hard anywhere and whatever you work with or do in your life. I sometimes tend to forget to live outside of music, so for me that's something I need to remind myself of. And to take some time of from time to time, switch the phone of, do some yoga, just get in to the moment. Something I think all people are in great need of.

11. What’s next for Liv Sin now that your latest record’s been released? Will you be touring or hitting any festivals?

Yes we are doing festivals this summer, mostly in Sweden. Then we are planning for a longer European tour this fall.

12. Is there anything else you would like to say to the future fans of Liv Sin?

Stay metal, join us on tour, headbang a lot, enjoy life and do some yoga. 😊

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