The Royal Blasphemy - Sanatorium:Freedom

When releasing a debut effort of any sorts, well an album, is always intending to be the BIG achievement for a lot of aspiring musicians and artists; in the case of a little metal band known as The Royal Blasphemy, this debut album is something they like to call "Sanatorium:Freedom". Consisting of 10-tracks, the album rounds off as being a solid metal release, a lot of catchy tunes enlisted throughout like some that pop out, would have to be "Escape", "Death", "Corruption (I Will Never Surrender To You)", and lastly "The Riot", are all solid pieces of metal influence. Like when hearing these guys, you hear a lot of the old school style with that modern day aspect, having the two elements come together as one. It's just one of those releases that's really a solid piece of work. The Royal Blasphemy is an act to look out for indefinitely.

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