September Mourning - Volume 1

September Mourning was one of those acts I happened to stumble across out of random, after giving them a listen from their 2012 releases "Melancholla" and "Before the Fall" there was something eye catching about them and something told me they would grow. Indeed they did as the years pressed on, they went on to write and record for their new EP entitled "Volume 1" that will be a connection to their band's first ever comic "A Murder Of Reapers" to be released via Top Cow Productions, thanks to a crowd funding campaign the band had thrown together. In any case September Mourning have released with this new EP release, it consists of 6-tracks two of the songs being noticeable right away including single "Children Of Fate" as well as a cover track for the one hit wonder "Stand By Me" with its own rendition sung by September Mourning of course.

Those tracks and the rest of this EP is filled with essences of the old material except this version is more fresher, upbeat, and catchy. It still contains essences that was the previous September Mourning, except there's more uniqueness to this style than before, if that makes much sense. The instrumentals performed here are easy going, but yet go there, being heavy, with the vocals being very attractive with their dramatic tone and screaming tactics. It makes all of the music working together as one pretty much.

It's like if Marilyn Manson had a baby with Evanescence guess would be a good way to put it. Their styles blended together is what you get with September Mourning. Except of course these guys are more modern and to this day and age, musicians, that makes them as said, more unique and rather fresh breath of air. These guys have been around and will continue to make themselves known for surely as much as possible, through the art and craft that is their music.

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