Make Me A Donut - Bright Side

Make Me A Donut the name itself is pretty funny when you look, think, or say it no? Well that was the case for me when I discovered these guys and their latest album "Bright Side". It consists of 10-tracks that brings out that progressive metalcore genre, with constant break downs, screams, and just interesting melodies that keeps the music going. Like such tracks as "Skyline", "Valar Morghulis", and "Between", really captures what is offered off this release. As said, it is filled with break downs, screams, instrumentals that just are pure heaviness that keeps the music never ending, but constantly going. Like a never ending song, if you will, is what Make Me A Donut offers with their tunes. Their style brings to mind that of Miss May I and Between the Buried and Me. Make Me A Donut knows their style and can play it well when it comes down to "Bright Side" it has a solid round of material that just opens up the possibilities for even more.

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