Farewell, My Love Line-Up Changes and Future Plans

Farewell, My Love had made the announcement last year about the departure of former vocalist Ryan Howell and guitarist Logan Thayer. The news being released on the band's Facebook page;

"Farewell Family,

We are saddened to announce that our brothers, Logan Thayer and Ryan Howell, will no longer be a part of Farewell, My Love. They will be moving on to pursue tremendous opportunities of their own. Please join us in wishing Logan and Ryan the best of luck in their new endeavors. We are all truly blessed to have had them in our lives. This in turn gives F,ML the chance to pursue new and exciting opportunities of our own. With this being said, Chad Kowal is stepping up as the lead vocalist. We will be going into the studio this Winter to prepare for a new album to be released in Spring of 2015. We are very eager to show you all what we have in store.

Regards, Farewell, My Love"

That said and done, the band has since moved on having long time drummer Chad Kowal take center stage as their new vocalist. Since their formation the band has gone through 3 different vocalists Caleb Harbin, Ryan Howell, and Chad Kowal. The only remaining original members are
drummer/vocalist Chad Kowal and guitarist/piano Röbby Creasey. As said above, the previous members have moved on to pursue other projects, in which previous vocalist Ryan Howell has posted material of his band called The Monroes, where you can hear that material HERE.

Be sure to be on the look-out for further announcements in regards to new shows, tours, and new music!

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