Farewell, My Love's Röbby Makes an Admirable Experience

Farewell, My Love formed in 2011, making themselves known to the music scene, going through an array of changes, from getting signed to record label Standby Records to releasing material, playing shows, touring, it never stopped. Now that some time has passed, so has the band, going through more changes and new material all ready to go, in fact even some shows and touring commenced as the band hit the road briefly with further plans already a work in progress. Guitarist/pianist Röbby Creasey talks to us again since our first discussion 4 years ago, this time talking about the current touring trek and plans for the future!

1. Why did you guys want to go on this mini tour instead of a full fledged tour?

Röbby: Well, we have been out of the touring game for several months now, we were on our summer tour in 2014, a co-headlining tour with Jamie's Elsewhere, since then we've been working on new music and new stuff, band changes and stuff like that, so we wanted to do this mini tour with our good friends in Requiem, wanting to tour with them for a while but never got around to it. Just something to get our feet wet again and back into the touring game. It's really different than being at home, being on the road as you can imagine. So we just wanted to do this mini tour to warm ourselves up for the New Year!

2. When it comes to performing each and every night does the time stand still or does it fly by when performing?

Röbby: I think it depends on the night, because some nights, there's times where cool stuff happens during the set, or the fans will be great during one part or another and always remember it, that is always cool. Or I am so in the zone that I will walk onto the stage then next thing I'll just walk right off ya know? It just goes so quick, it just depends on the night.

3. Did anything strange or unusual happen while out on the road or at a live show this time around?

Röbby: For this tour, we haven't had a lot of strange things happen, I know the guys in Requiem experienced a super wedgie, my buddy Ryan had his underwear from the show he played that night, pulled over his head, literally like in the cartoons, I think that's a little unusual but awesome too!

4. What do you miss most from home when you’re on tour?

Röbby: I love my bed, I have the most comfortable bed in the world in my opinion. Home cook food an f my family so probably a combination of those three things; food, family, and my bed.

5. When the show ends every night and the band walks off the stage; what happens, does the band head backstage or straight to the tour bus/van, dressing room, bathroom, etc.

Röbby: We run straight to the merch table, so we can meet and greet with every single fan, take pictures, like something we're very admirable about is making a Farewell, My Love show an experience for our fans and we see them more as family than fans. So after we're done playing we want to go meet every single one of them and make sure they had a good time because we had a good time playing for them.

6. What are the plans that you have next? Will there be more shows and touring or will you be focusing on new music?

Röbby: We definitely have more shows and touring in the works. I definitely safe to say we may be going international out of the country and see how that works, a lot of touring is what I can promise for now. There are things we can't disclose right now but for sure definitely touring.

7. You've released three EPs and one full-length album, what can we expect next? Another EP or full-length or you don't know yet?

Röbby: We don't really know yet. We have a lot of options we're playing around with right now. It may be a new album, might be a new EP, or some singles or might even be a cover song. We haven't decided what we want to do yet, so we're kinda waiting to see how we feel.

8. When can we expect the new material to be released?

Röbby: That's definitely hard to say right now, you can definitely expect to hear something new this year. I would like for that to happen, we'll have to see, so stay up to date with us and see.

9. Who have you said Farewell, My Love too?

Röbby: Well I mean, in a humors sense, the guys in Requiem think it's really funny to say Farewell, My Love to us every night. It's like, oh we haven't heard that one before ya know?  But going to the name, Farewell, My Love, it means to say goodbye to something in your life, whether it'd be good or bad for you, boyfriend or girlfriend, addiction, making the best out of life, moving forward, no matter what life goes on.

10. How easy is it to keep the motivation going on a daily basis for you guys?

Röbby: Oh it's great and super easy! We're all brothers and love what we do and love each other and are so happy we have the opportunity to do it, the fans are so incredible, it's super easy, there is no reason as to why we would be doing anything else than what we're doing right now, it's perfect.

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