Fearless Vampire Killers - Militia Of The Lost

Fearless Vampire Killer's live in a world of their own when it comes to this reality the unexpected is expected especially when it comes to their debut full-length "Militia Of The Lost". This young quintet is made up of Kier Kemp, Laurence Beveridge (both vocals/guitar), Drew Woolnough (bass), Cyrus Barrone (guitar) and Luke Illingworth (drums), with this they bring to you a release unlike any of their previous ones could compare.

Songs such as "Palace In Flames", and "Fetish for the Finite", are re-recored versions than what they were previously sounding different for the best part but quality doesn't punch it as well as before. But nevertheless other songs such as "Could We Burn, Darling", "Bleed 'Till Sunrise", "Bow Ties On Dead Guys", and "At War With The Thirst", are all captured in their own creative yet unique fashions. The instruments are thought out playing to an accord unlike any other; while the vocals sound passionate yet haunting.

Fearless Vampire Killer's has come a long way since first starting out and while there not your typical goth rock pop quintet their music sets the bar for even bigger and better material to come. Fans of My Chemical Romance, Aiden, HIM, and Vampires Everywhere will be fangs in love with this gothic demise of suspense.

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