THIS OR THE APOCALYPSE new album details

You can rely on THIS OR THE APOCALYPSE. It took two years before band’s third record for LIFEFORCE RECORDS sees the light of day. Another two years before “Haunt What’s Left” there was their commercial debut “Monuments”. Always there: troubled, heavy and emotive songs in between metal and melodic hardcore. This is exactly what you can expect from “Dead Years”, but this time singer Ricky is truly pissed and you can hear that!

The quintet from Lancaster, PA combines agile catchiness, striking technical ability and a good amount of Metalcore ingredients along with dense rock grooves. Producer Andreas Magnusson (THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, HASTE THE DAY) just had to record the enormous intensity and vigor the songs from THIS OR THE APOCALYPSE are based on. So he did. “Dead Years” consists of ten hymns exploring the fields of metal, hardcore and rock in their own way. The quintet does not think too much. The guys just play what feels right and follow their gut instinct. This is the way THIS OR THE APOCALYPSE succeeds.

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