Sister Sin's Liv Jagrell says it's Now and Forever

Swedish old school metallers Sister Sin got their start in 2002, releasing various recordings to numerous labels not being able to make a stand in the music scene just yet. After a few years they were lucky enough to get signed with Victory Records releasing with them their debut "Switchblade Serenades" (2008) which lead to two more releases "True Sound of the Underground" (2010) and upcoming release "Now And Forever". This being the band's third album this release was mixed by Cameron Webb whose done work with Motorhead, Social D, and Danzig. Frontwomen Liv Jagrell discusses the band's time in the recording studio, the lyrical process and how it relates to the fans and our surrounding's in the world, to what lays ahead with the plans of extensive touring just getting the name out even more so than before.

1. What type of band are you and can you give me a summary as to how you guys came to be?

Liv: From the beginning it was the drummer Dave he was looking for a new singer and didn't want it to be a male so he thought it would be fun to have a girl and had auditions. I had tried out and afterwards it was him and I to start things off with this band and we had some member changes but now everything is better than ever and that's how Sister Sin got its start.

2. What's the music scene like in Sweden?

Liv: The country is a very good one to play music it doesn't matter what kind. We have pop and rock music a lot of the older rock groups like Abba, but there wasn't always much metal and rock here but I could feel it coming back and that's good.

3. Have your  musical influences changed since the band first started?

Liv: I can say the surrounding's have to do with it but in my heart I've always liked bands like Pantera, Judas Priest, Poison, back in the day more into the sleaze rock not so much anymore. But now I like to listen to In Flames, Soilwork, but I will always come back to the old rooters like Motorhead, Judas Priest, Twisted Sister that's where my background is from.

4. Tell me about your new single "End Of The Line" why did you want to go with this song to be the first single off the new record?

Liv: It was us and the label to decide so it wasn't the normal way to pick it but the label felt it was more of an "anthem" type of song which could be a start for this album and I see it and it's a good song to do a video for which we're shooting next week.

5. What are your songs about and who writes the songs?

Liv: We all do our share with the music but the core of it is Dave and Jimmy. They create the melodies' and I just go with it with my voice. Dave handles the song writing and lyric writer always coming up with great lyrics and work. He would never put out bad lyrics, he knows how to put it altogether and he's an influence to me and I can relate and stand for the lyrics he writes. The lyrics though are about our experiences these days, touring, and personal experiences, and other lyrics and how the world we live in how we agree and disagree with everyone and how we discuss what we think about.

6. Where are you in the recording process of the new album?

Liv: The new album is finished so now we're working on promoting it before its release. We have a couple of weeks having time to promote it all of that kind of stuff.

7. How was the vibe in the studio?

Liv: It was a good vibe we don't get into fights in the studio, when we're in the studio we work and work hard and there were moments when we stressed out or if this arrangement or song was good so you can say it was stressful but hard work and a great process overall.

8. How would you describe the overall sound of the new album? How does it compare to True Sound Of The Underground?

Liv: It's more diverse and dynamic and is more metal than our last one. We have taken a step further with this type of rock going into the old school heavy metal type of music. This album we allowed ourselves to try out some experiments and never used any type of syncs or keyboards so we tried it slightly which worked well. We also did a ballad on this record which we're happy about it and hopefully the people will see how we've grown with this new sound and release.

9. Did the band have any definitive goals they were shooting for before the recording process began for this album?

Liv: I don't know what to answer. I think we got what we didn't expect so everyone was expecting something different and different ideas because it all happened so fast. We were on tour then came home and in 6 weeks we were in the studio so we didn't have time to think it all through, but we were surprised but happy with how it all turned out.

10. When did you start writing for this album? How was the songwriting process different/similar to previous Sister Sin albums?

Liv:It is similar to our previous works so we always wait for the last minute to do it but this time we allowed ourselves and the producer to help us out and do different kinds of things when we were trying new things while in the studio and the song writing is just like how we did it on the last one.

11. Did you feel any pressure to follow-up?

Liv: Oh yeah absolutely because I liked our last album very much I am very proud of it. The energy of it everything so we knew we couldn't do the same thing again but we wanted to give the people that same kind of energy. So we did feel the pressure and do well with it and get out and tour more this is a tough industry to be in and we hope the people will like this release.

12. What are your upcoming plans for the rest of this year?

Liv: We're planning the most is this release, the two video shoots, and the music festivals we're playing coming up along with some other shows that deal with the album's release. We want to tour around that release and find some time to do it at the  end of this year and be on the road as much as possible.

13. Anything else you'd like to say?

Liv: I just hope that the people who like us, really appreciate the type of sound that we have and feel what we did with this album individually so I hope that everyone can feel it and we have some fans who may have not heard of us before. I hope we can gather more fans with this release I think so.

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