Vampires Suck

It was supposed to be titled “Vampires Rule” but since it’s now the era of the Vampires, it’s clear to say that “Vampires Suck”.  So with that said, the movie follows the hit franchise known as Twilight. But this whole comic franchise comes from the makers who gave us, Date Movie, Epic Movie, Disaster Movie, Meet the Spartans, you get the picture. So you know with such goofy franchises as it were, this new adaption should fall right into place. Which it indeed does, Twi-hard fanatics are humiliated with it comes to Stephanie Meyer's saga that goes into an assortment of gags from start to finish, it manages to nail this so-called saga precisely on target. The story focuses on Becca Crane (Jenn Proske) who returns to Sporks, Washington, to live with her stepfather the sheriff. When it comes to school, she meets Edward Sullen (Matt Lanter) who's apparently a part of the mysterious Sullen family of Vampires. Anyway, Jacob White (Chris Riggi) who sports his Native-American werewolf attire, tail and all from time to time, being shirtless on screen. So whether if you've seen the films or not, "Vampires Suck" manages to recapture the whole saga in just one take and that's not bad at all.

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