Allstar Weekend – Suddenly Yours

If it wasn't for Disney's N.B.T. (Next Big Thing) competition held in 2009, rock & roll pop gents Allstar Weekend wouldn't probably be here right now. But luckily for them they have managed to accomplish a mission that many artists and bands have long to full fill. When they released their seven song EP entitled "Suddenly" this would just be a glimpse into what it would become which would be "Suddenly Yours", containing all of the songs from their previous release plush with addition of four brand new tunes altogether.

But when it comes down to it, Allstar Weekend not just pull off the whole pop-rock scene to an extend but add an additional effect that makes the music pop even further than expected, like "Come Down With Love", and "Dance Forever" possess those techno additions with the usual guitar and drum attics that are heavily used throughout the pop-rock genre. Another addition that these guys pull off quite well is their mild ballad approach, "Amy", is your average take on your slow piano song except its very chill and creates this soft yet beautiful song that makes girls swoon.

"Clock Runs Out", and "A Different Side Of Me", clash against one another, "A Different Side Of Me" being the band's debut single, these songs down the lines of sounding quite similar like you've heard the material beforehand. Which is a given because a variety of Disney's artists do follow-through with one another.

But other than that, Allstar Weekend has pulled together a debut effort that will lead them down the path of exhilaration more than once.

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