Deathchain – Death Gods

Originally using the name Winterwolf as their calling card, death metal/thrahsers now known as Deathchain, have gone through their genre with four albums on their plate. But now two years have passed and what has the band been up too since their last release "Death Eternal" (2008). Well working on the follow-up of course and its entitled "Death Gods".

With this genre has to come great musicians and that is what Deathchain is, they go the extra mile to make sure their material sounds on key and is heavy as hell itself. The eight tracks come packed and ready each extended to four and a half minutes in length having this music seem to last a lot longer than it should, but what’s the harm in that? Opening tune "Storming the Death Gods", really captures their style nailing the numerous breakdowns with constant blast beats that makes each and every solo played on the other selection of tracks that more pulse pumping.

Another set of tunes has to include "The Lion-Head", and "We Are Unearthed", each provides that adrenaline rush of pulsing energy that keeps the music flowing from start to finish. In the long run Deathchain, still has what it takes to keep this genre in check and will continue to do so, for many years to come.

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