The Holocaust is Upon Los Angeles: Toxic Holocaust Fires up The Blvd.

It’s a cold dark night nothing unusual about that or is it? Well this night something happened unlike anything you’ve possibly experienced well perhaps some have experienced but those who have are now long gone. Where am I going with this… well it just so happens that the holocaust is upon us! But not just any old holocaust this is Toxic Holocaust.

Founded in 1999 Joel Grind the man behind the music wrote and recorded all of the band's music himself over the years building up quite a portfolio of tunes, unleashing over a handful of various demos, splits, EPs, and several studio albums to keep the music well balanced. After unleashing such brutality across the world there was nothing left to do than to spread the word and that he did, by touring all over the world winding up in a city familiar to everybody’s knowledge Los Angeles and not just any Los Angeles, this was Los Angeles, California.

Out at a place called The Blvd spectators of all ages gathered watching and waiting for the night to wrap itself up as brutality was about to commence the stage, Joel and his fellow band mates Phil Zeller (bass) and Al Chambers (drums) walked upon the stage grasping their instruments as the brief sound checking had begun. But as soon as it had begun it was soon over for the real performance was underway thundering right along through its hour long set. This contained such tunes as “Wild Dogs”, Joel discussing briefly “Let’s summon the beast” breaking into “666”, which kept on rolling right into other hits such as “Future Shock”, “War Is Hell”, and “Nuke the Cross”.

As Toxic Holocaust continued to play the crowd brought on the heat more and more not only being soaked in sweat from head to toe, but the crowd standing in front of the stage were being tossed around quite a bit some even falling to their knees if not being thrown or slammed onto their back from another spectator. It was a night unlike any other because this night was the night of the holocaust!

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