Terror’s Spring Fling

Even though Easter Sunday (April 4) wasn’t happening until the following day, it sure had arrived a lot sooner than expected…. Why do you ask? Well it just so happens that Los Angeles, Californian’s known as Terror have something to do it with because on April 3rd the Chain Reaction in Anaheim, California had let loose to a dozen if not more, bunnies of their own accord….

What do I mean exactly? Well let’s say that front man vocalist Scott Vogel encouraged most of it asking the audience of hardcore thrashers to hop right up onto the stage and dive right back into the crowd. Thus the term “bunnies” now comes into a better perspective don’t you think? Anyway as soon as Terror’s set had begun it was soon over because the hardcore thrashers have indeed a short length in songs but the set just kept on flying right through everybody witnessing it.

As the set was rolling right along though numerous fans who had invaded the stage jumping from the left hand side and the right would occasionally snatch up the microphone and begin doing their own rendition of how the song went, believe it or not all the fans knew each and every song word for word. But as the set was wrapping itself up and Scott had stated that he had wanted the fans to help sing-along to almost every song performed, it was time to close it up once and for all, Terror concluded their set with such songs as “One of the Under Dogs”, “Lowest of the Low”, “Keep Your Mouth Shut”, and “Always the Hard Way”.

Terror’s enthusiasm brought out the best of the crowd of concert goers for they would not be here if it wasn’t for them and if it wasn’t for the music that had started it.

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