Drive A - Loss Of Desire

Hailing from Los Angeles, California, Drive A is a punk rock band on its way to punk rock stardom- made up by lead guitarist/vocalist Bruno Mascolo, rhythm guitarist Jason Nott, drummer Terry Stirling, and bassist Chris Bowman. Since none of the members are over the age, these youngsters have managed to already make a name for themselves, in which filling in certain slots for numerous tours, and opening up for such bands as, Alkaline Trio, Saves the Day, HIM, and the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus just to name a few.

Though little has been done, Drive A has gotten one thing down, the success of releasing their first-ever full-length debut, entitled “Loss Of Desire”, choosing their lyrics wisely, being "Fuck you" songs rather than the usual material as most of the other types of punk rock bands tend to cover. Though this little mishap is a minor detail the music is rather punchy raw in your face attitude than that bouncy momentum that other bands have stringed along in their craftsmanship’s.

Take “Are You Blind?" "Can't Sleep it Off", "Head Underwater", and "It's Getting Worse", these selections are pure influence taken from the past and thrown right into the present and what is to become of the future material that is to come from Drive A.

Drive A is purely raw-energy both on the stage and in the studio, letting the music taken you in and spit you right back out isn't that what punk rock is suppose to be?

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