Misanthropik Torment Announces New Album


American Black/Death Metal band Misanthropik Torment announced the release of the bands upcoming new full length album "Declaration Of War". The band describe the new album as a release that calls for the abolishment of a broken and corrupt system. We take no sides, everyone is wrong, it's time to have an overhaul of how we function as a society, so that our children and their children can have a chance to do better than what we have done. The new release was recorded in the band home studio and mixed/mastered by Ěrik Lęviathan.

Check out the music linked below:



Misanthropik Torment was formed in 2018 at Lexington, Kentucky by Erik Scarlet (Vocals, Lyrics) and Jonathan Nesbitt (Guitar/Bass). During the years the band have been pushing the boundaries of extreme metal creating music full of passion, anger and vitriol, making them a must for all extreme metalheads.

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