Keira Gray Releases New Song "Summer Lovin' With You"


Keira Gray has released a new single called "Summer Lovin' With You". She says "I wrote my song, "Summer Lovin' With You," about a whirlwind summer romance I had. Sometimes you know a relationship is going to be temporary, but that's part of what makes it enjoyable.
When you find someone that you can connect with instantly, it can feel like you've known each other for a lifetime. In this case, our relationship was cut short when we let the little things get in the way. I still reminisce on this relationship fondly, even though it was brief."

Going on to add "Didn't see it coming having too much fun / Busy finding myself so sick of looking for love
Tried to keep it a secret for the two of us / Till the way that I looked at you gave it all up
For me, writing music comes naturally when I tap into my raw emotions and life experiences. I gravitate towards writing about love and heartbreak because that's what's on my mind."

Check it HERE.

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