Metallica Brings the Generations of Fans for Night 1 of Sold Out LA Show!

Metallica, a heavy metal band whose time together has been active for over 40 years! Forming back in Los Angeles, the band would go on to release countless material, play numerous shows and various tours over this forty year span. Thus, it would lead to them doing a 2 night ordeal, with 2 completely different set lists of working’s and different opening acts as well.

Taking place late summer weekend at the end of August, out in Inglewood at SoFi Stadium is the venue highlight, for the sold out show, packs walked a good distance after parking, in the costly lots inside the venue’s own lot, to surrounding lots. But after this walk-a-thon, they were all seated or standing, having openers go on to play. One of these openers being reunited metal act Pantera!

Featuring two out of the four original members, Rex on bass, and Phil on vocals, the original brothers RIP being gone to the next life. They would be honored by Anthrax’s drummer and Black Label Society’s Zakk, both of which did a rather solid performance. The crowd was slowly seeping into the venue, as the band played for the next hour. Playing a lot of favorites ranging from “Mouth for War”, “This Love”, “I’m Broken”, “A New Level”, and “Walk”, among others. Fans old and new, enjoyed this reunited rendition of the band, it may have not had all of it’s members present, but it did get the job done, and all there were pleased regardless.


After they had played, it would be a whole another hour, before headliner’s Metallica would hit the stage, playing an extensive 2 hour set. They would go on around 8:50PM, wrapping up a little after 11PM. Throughout their set was fire, lighting and screen effects, to the audience as a whole, singing along, headbanging, and just enjoying themselves the old generation and newer generation of fans.

A lot of songs sung included such like “Creeping Death”, “Seek and Destroy”, “Fade to Black”, “Shadows Follow”, “Nothing Else Matters”, ‘Sad But True”, and “Master Of Puppets”. The whole stadium lit up with their phones, to singing right along, jumping, headbanging, the whole ordeal pretty much. All there were ecstatic to see and hear Metallica playing 16 tracks for that 2 hour set time.


Once the whole was said and done though, fans filed out of the venue, sweaty, tired, and entertained for sure. Some picking up merchandise, while others grabbed some last minute drinks or food on the way out, all else headed home, remembering only the first night out of two that would commence real soon.


1. Creeping Death
2. Harvester of Sorrow
3. Leper Messiah
4. The Memory Remains
5. Lux Aeterna
6. Too Far Gone?
7 Fade to Black
8. Shadows Follow
9. Orion
10. Nothing Else Matters
11. Sad But True
12. The Day That Never Comes
13. Hardwired to Self Destruct
14. Fuel
15. Seek and Destroy
16. Master Of Puppets

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