SG5 Release Debut Video Single “Firetruck”

Intergalactic Pop Supergroup, SG5, release their fiery new single “Firetruck,”. Produced by BloodPop [Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Madonna] and Hudson Mohawke [Drake, Pusha T], “Firetruck” marks the groups first release since Rolling Stone announced their U.S. debut in June of 2022. 

A song all about the individual flame that burns inside all of us, and a love so pure that it shines brighter than hate or bad vibes; “Firetruck” is an introduction into the SG5 universe. By embracing the power within ourselves and hyping up our girls along the way, we become the hottest versions of ourselves. So hot in fact, that the forces of evil might be terrified and immediately need to call a firetruck to cool down the fire. The members elaborate; “Our debut in the U.S. almost still feels like a dream, but we would like to do our best to make SG5 known to people from all over the world. I hope that everyone can feel the girl power and energy that radiates from this song and video, and get excited with us!”

Nylon refers to “Firetruck” as “[...] a rowdy and bold introduction to the band’s charismatic members and their immediate superstar appeal.” As the first music group officially in collaboration with one of  the World’s most recognized  IPs, you’ll see elements of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon sprinkled throughout the music video. “Firetruck” was shot out in Los Angeles and directed by Weston Allen, who speaks highly of the group; “Working with the girls of SG5 was an epic journey. “Firetruck” required extensive research; learning about the first humble water pumps of ancient Alexandria, to the fact that fire poles exist to keep horses from going up stairs. SG5 has created an empowering anthem that extinguishes negativity while also being a certified banger.”

Check out the debut single video right HERE.

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