Tfcon a Transformers Convention Returns to Los Angeles!

TFcon is America's largest fan-run Transformers convention to hit across several states over the last few years. But this year, it would return to Los Angeles, California and go to the City of Burbank, CA. Taking place at the Los Angeles Marriott Burbank Airport Hotel & Convention Center; over the past weekend of March 10th through the 12th of this year 2023.

Friday evening would have opening ceremonies and fans to get the chance of picking up their badges with ease. Some minor disorganization at times, not letting fans roam about or not knowing that well of where certain things would take place was confusing. But once Saturday arrived all would be set in stone, or in this case metal perhaps, being a Transformers convention and all.

Saturday would showcase an array of guests, vendors, and more panels to be seen. Fans aligned the hotel and convention center bright and early, getting inside as soon as the doors opened, to go forth into the exhibit hall and artist alley, to purchase goods and mingle with the guests. Some of the most known being Peter Cullen known to all as the one and only Optimus Prime, with the other being Dan Gilvezan the voice of Bumblebee, one of the original voices from generation one. He and Prime being buddies since the start til the present day!

On Sunday though would be the closure of the convention and where Mr. Optimus Prime himself would make an appearance, Peter Cullen's line zig-zagging inside the hallways, as fans eagerily awaited to meet and greet with him. I being one, and he was very nice and friendly! But for the most part the convention had different panels and some other guests from the current shows of Transformers one being Earthspark a recent rendition. While other guests came from previous generations of the Transformers TV series from years back.

Overall though, this first time attending a Transformers convention such as this one, was a small one at that, but one that was a good experience to take in. Lots to see, buy, and do really, interacting with other like minded fans, enjoying what we were all there little robots in disguise.

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