Testament, Exodus, and Death Angel Bring Back the Bay Area Strikes Tour to Los Angeles

"The Bay Area Strikes Back Tour" was postponed due to covid-19 back in 2021 to 2022, and it would have it's first leg of the tour happen in the spring time, but with the tour being so successful and demanding for another go, the tour will commence in the fall as well in 2022! So that is precisely what happened with this touring cycle and how I ended up catching it in the fall out in Los Angeles, California at the Wiltern Theater.

This night the crowd would come in full force, a lot of dressed in black attire, with a majority of them hitting the floor, and the rest going up to the balcony, to prepare for the first of three acts that night, opener’s Death Angel. Their set was fast and heavy duty material, consisting of such tracks as "The Ultra Violence", "Mistress of Pain", "Seemingly Endless Time", as well as others like "The Moth", and "Humanicide". The crowd cheered with utter delight, while also singing along, headbanging to the music, and just embracing it all really. The band themselves kept the energy and entertainment heavy through and through.



1. The Ultra Violence

2. Mistress Of Pain

3. Seemingly Endless Time

4. The Dream Calls for Blood

5. Caster of Shame

6. The Moth

7. Humanicide

8. Thrown to the Wolves

Next up was Exodus whose last performance was seen by me way back when in 2010, so it being quite sometime since that performance, the band’s line up had changed slightly, bringing back their old singer, but keeping that same monstrous energy.  Their set contained a variety of tracks like "A Lesson in Violence", "Piranha", "Bonded By Blood", "The Toxic Waltz", and "Strike of the Beast", among other timeless hits both old and new. The crowd's energy maintained itself, keeping more cheers at best, while the mosh pit was never-ending. The band was filled with lots more energy throughout their performance, keeping it up til the end of it.



1. We Will Rock You (Queen Intro)

2. The Beatings Will Continue (Until Moral Improves)

3. A Lesson In Violence

4. Blood In, Blood Out

5. The Years of Death and Dying

6. Deathamohetamine

6. Blacklist

7. Piranha

8. Prescribing Horror

9. Bonded By Blood

10. The Toxic Waltz

11. Strike of the Beast

12. We Are The Champions (Queen Outro)

Wrapping up tonight would be headliner’s Testament! All there was awaiting their performance, so surely they brought the energy no problem. Keeping the momentum ever flowing, the band interacted with the crowd, discussing tales, asking for lots of energy and passion, while just enjoying themselves of being there to perform. The band would go on to play such tracks as “Children of the Next Level”, “Practice What You Preach”, “Native Blood”, “The Formation of Damnation”, and “Into the Pit” to name off just a few of the very extensive list. It just simply a night with lots of energy throughout, Testament really giving it their all. The crowd was just so entranced by the band’s performance that it kept the mood of music, continually festive. As such being that the band did use Christmas colored lighting with their stage effects, while also changing the lighting to other tones from red to purple as well as blue at times too. 


The time spent was purely and merely energetic, each of the three thrash metal bands providing their full attention that kept the crowd wanting more and more. This leg of the tour was a major successor to the previous run of it, making Los Angeles an unforgotten stop, that will keep metal music alive and well for many more years to arisen.


1. The Four Horsemen (Metallica Intro)

2. Catacombs (Intro)

3. Rise Up

4. The New Order

5. The Pale King

6. Children of the Next Level

7. Practice What You Preach


9. D.N.R. (Do Not Resuscitate)

10. Native Blood

11. Night of the Witch

12. Electric Crown

13. The Formation of Damnation

14. First Strike Is Deadly

15. Into the Pit

16. Alone in the Dark

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