Polygon – The Winners in This Life

Russian hard rockers Polygon not only take hard rock as a genre but melodic as well. Take their most recent release for instance "The Winners in This Life", it's 10-tracks of solid hard hitting momentum. Like "Synthetic World", is simply energetic and hard hitting, the instruments are fun and really entertaining, as they blend well with the vocals providing this flow that never stops. Just like other tracks do this sort of thing, with such as "Forever and a Day", "Shadow in My Heart", "Take My Hand", and "Pure Love". These song selections being catchy, rather upbeat, and filled with that energy as mentioned prior. You are just truly thrown with entertainment through and through when listening in on “The Winners in This Life”, release. The band’s style brings to mind other such bands like The 69 Eyes and some elements of In Flame’s newer working’s. In short, this album has got feeling, lots of emotion, and constant energy that cannot be contained! Thus with all of this being said, Polygon’s latest release, is one that will keep you interested from the very start to the last note of the finish for this extensive track listing that never seems to quit but remains continuous!

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