Lorna Shore Headlines Alongside Enterprise Earth and Others at Jewel’s Catch One Venue of LA County!

Presented by Church of the 8th Day and All In Merchandise was a Wednesday night concert, that all would dance about... literally. Hardcore dancing, hence where you wave your arms and dance around in the middle of the venue of the crowd, as said bands play, would be all the rage this night. For it would be the Catch One venue’s smaller room venue Jewel’s where the festivities would take place out in Los Angeles, California.  April 17, 2019 is the night, fans lining up in a sea of black hoodies, t-shirts, pants, jeans, and the like, as the line moved onward, letting all ages inside.

Once in, fans aimed for the stage area, while others headed for the merchandise tables, all others buying drinks and chatting, as the openers Within Destruction hit the stage a little after 8PM, playing a set of around 20-30 minutes roughly, the singer really egging the fans and crowd for that matter on, wanting more hardcore dancing happening, if not the mosh pit in general to just go crazy! Which it did indeed, as the band continued to play, showing off energy, angst, and lots of pride in their performance, as they come across the pond from Europe terrain, they brought the fun to California for sure.

Within Destruction Photos:

Next up came the hardcore act Bodysnatcher, whilst Within Destruction was a mixture of deathcore mixed with slam, the two genres blended nicely. Bodysnatcher on the other hand out of Florida, brought the hardcore genre to new heights. The crowd’s reactions were intense, as the hardcore dancers really pushed the crowd which every way possible. The band themselves, keeping with the beats of their tunes, keeping everyone hyped for their entire set up.

Bodysnatcher Photos:

Following them would be Enterprise Earth whose deathcore antics would cause joy and an uproar of sorts, as fans pushed one another more so than the previous bands. Their energy was fun and entertaining throughout really. The whole band playing so brutality that the music just couldn’t resist, as everyone there took it all in and just ran with it. Mosh pit occurrences being nothing but massive and explosive with pushing unlike never before.

Enterprise Earth Photos:

Lastly was Lorna Shore whose performance was likely one of the more impressive sets yet. Fans aligned the front of the stage, as the rest of the crowd present kept up the hardcore dancing more so than prior performers, as the music caused for pause at times, getting everyone hyped up. Throughout their setting though, the band kept the momentum going consistently well. Interacting with the crowd, making sure all there were having a good time. Their performance was thrilling and very fun, surely an act to never be avoided but seen and heard for certain.

Lorna Shore Photos:

Overall though, the entire tour ended up being quite a successor. For if it was not for this bill, none of these bands would have had a very fun yet fulfilling night of screams, shouts, and pure enlightenment that was brought forth from their music abilities, that all were there to see and hear.

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