Bongo Boy Rock n Roll TV Show Episode 12 Season 7 "Vibes Of Light"

Bongo Boy TV's next episode from season 7 is episode 12 titled "Vibes Of Light". Having been produced by Monique Grimme and Gar Francis at Bongo Boy TV is a music video television show, that has been broadcasted on 66+ terrestrial TV channels in the U.S.A.

With that said, Frank Trousdell's track "The Long Road Home", kicks things off. His styling being a mix between rock and country, the two working rather nicely together. His vocal chords being fresh yet clear, as the video depicts his daily life as being what else a musician. The song itself plays out to be catchy yet laid back in tune. It’s one song you can enjoy just sitting back on a quiet evening, enjoying the soft yet easy going melodies with catching vocal chords, that it comes together nicely.

Angeles’ comes up next with a track titled "God, Country, and King", when placing this particular track and accompanying artist it was hard to do so. The visuals for the video were an added bit of flare, with the track being average yet heavy at times. Think heavy metal and rock n' roll you get a blend of genres that is very gripping yet still fun to hear from start to finish. Vocalization provided is done willingly that it makes them sound binding yet free at the same time. Angeles' style is interesting and can be heard with style of stride.

My Demons Galore follows with their song called "Carry Your Own Light", which immediately brings to mind power metal if not heavy metal elements. They got this edge to their styling, it has spunk, power, and just lots of aggression thrown together. If Bullet for my Valentine crossed paths with these guys then it would be no wonder they sound very similar at times. It's again a song and video choice that is very melodic yet heavy as well, keeping all in tune but still enjoyable to bear with one's ears.

Now then here is an act with a very different source of style. Nuke The Soup's "Network", sounds as if it came from the 70's or early 80's time frame eras. Think slightly like Depeche Mode with Tears for Fears musically, that is now this act sounds at times at least. The song has this creepy yet bouncy effect to it, combining rock for all it is worth. It’s one that would be played on repeat for countless times.

The Vice Rags' "Jersey Boy", is clearly rock with some format of punk or pop. It's a hit or miss really but still a nice putting for the song and accompanying band in question. Think if it as if it played in a time once in the past era, you blaring it on the radio at home or in car, that is how this act does their style of sound. Very crude yet entertaining you just cannot get enough of it!

"What's It Gonna Take?" by Spin is a one off band, whose sound blends pop instantly creating this music source that draws attention. It is upbeat, catchy, and very pleasing to the ears. One that will find it just flawless. Truly just a track of its own accordance, that you will find humming soon after hearing it.

BLXPLTN's "No English", is hard rock but enlightened. Lots of energy provided for sure throughout, getting that angst pumping with plenty to spare. With an act like this one they just become one that is very outgoing, keeping their style of music on the lowdown but still hyperactive too.

Lounge Zotica 3000 wraps up the episode with "Martian 9", a single release that showcases instrumental content on a level of unknowing what to even say about it. The track is a brief preview stunt, that captures your interest, as to what the single will go upon release. But first glance it may be a keeper after all perhaps.

Overall Bongo Boy TV’s episode 12 “Vibes Of Light”, is a round up of artists and bands that have material, suited for themselves, and for others to experience. It has lots of upbeat nonsense with catchy drawbacks that keeps the entertainer witnessing such works, curious yet interested.

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