Brooke Josephson – Mr. Fix It Remix

Brooke Josephson, a singer/songwriter now based in Los Angeles, California, has been on the rise as of late, her charismatic lyricism and melodies of infectious spreading rapidly out of control! That said, her most recent release an EP titled "Sexy N Domesticated", had a song off it called "Mr. Fix It", which she has made into a single, but remixed it by the help of producer Rocky G.

The track has had it's music video counter part released already, with the official single seeing release soon enough. While the music video has been making rounds, word of it, have been nothing but positive from fans and online folk alike. Most mentioning how they cannot wait for the release of the track, to the video being nice! The actual song is a mix bag of sorts, think of an 80’s song dancing with a 90’s song, that is what you get with this remixed take.

The video features Brooke with some dancers, and a DJ intertwining between sequences, while other occurrences take place. Ranging from colorful effects, of lights, sounds, melodies, to all sorts of odds and ends taking place, you get a feel of it immediately. It’s no wonder producer Rocky G thought up such a remix, because its crazy that it is good. Surely to be one of those tracks put on repeat at all costs, if not played at the club scene of choice. Thus, the track begins to play off as one that is very fun with lots of entertainment to back it up. Brooke Josephson has got traits that show power and creativity if that says anything.

For the most part, producer Rocky G and Brooke do make an outgoing duo, that will likely have more remixes of tracks, spinning forth in no time flat. If not then perhaps only sometimes but either which, “Mr. Fix It”, plays to be a keeper.

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