BAND-MAID Make World Domination Tour Hit Los Angeles with Oddities and Success

For five solid years, JRock act Band-Maid or stylized as BAND-MAID, have released a handful of content, including their latest addition to their discography entitled "World Domination". What else to use than a title such as this, to go with as their tour slogan, "BAND-MAID WORLD DOMINATION TOUR 2018-2019". The tour acting kicking off since this fall back in September, going all the way into this next year come 2019! Between then and now, the band would come overseas hitting California with back to back dates, one in Los Angeles and the other in San Francisco. Even before this tour got started, the tickets went on sale a month prior in August, only taking a week to sell out for the Los Angeles date happening November 9th 2018 at the Lodge Room Los Angeles out in Highland Park.

When the day of the show arrived, fans were already aligned along the alleyway of the side of the venue, some waiting for an extensive amount of time. But why this was, was due to the VIP and general admission mixture being blended together around 5PM that evening. Only a handful 5 at a time sometimes more, VIP folk were allowed inside, to meet and greet the five piece girl rock group, receiving a post card, for them to sign, smile, briefly chat, then grab some merchandise, pricing being quite expensive and not so much thought out in detail with design options but it was what it was for then and there. After the numerous VIP go getters got this chance, they were asked to leave the venue, heading back outside to the alignment of lines forming more so outside, as all would be permitted inside at 7PM door time for them to open for the show!

At 7PM it would then be another whole hour before BAND-MAID would actually hit the stage, performing for the next 2 hours 8-10PM! Going on to sing such songs as "The Non Fiction Days", "Start Over", "Glory", "Real Existence", and "Choose Me", among others, out of the 22 song set list! Throughout the band’s performance though, they did start off promptly getting the crowd pumped up, as everyone cheered from all directions of the 500 only capacity venue. All ages were seen, ranging from middle aged adults, to older adults, to youngsters, all were taking in the awesomeness that was BAND-MAID.

Live Photos:

During their performance, the five some girl band, did shred their stuff, doing an instrumental portion of the show, really showcasing their raw talents. All the instrumentalists did do a good job, whilst the vocalist, gave it her all as well. Together as a whole, BAND-MAID did do a job worthy of their set list performed. All there were pleased with the outcome, of what was seen and played, raising their fists high, others waving their glow lights or sticks, others bouncing up and down, if not side to side, everyone there was just so excited, that everyone really could not believe it at times.

All in all though, Jrock is still very vivid and lively amongst the North American terrain, especially within the Western coast, as Californians take it all in stride, that all acts who cross over, are welcomed,  joyed, and adored from start to finish. BAND-MAID likely to come back around, for another arousing performance, given not just by them, but by their fans who were there to see them strut their stuff!


1. Domination
2. Play
3. the non fiction days
4. Moratoruim
5. Cross
6. -MIKU MC-
7. Don't you tell ME
8. Thrill
9. Secret my lips
10. DICE
11. start over
12. Onset
14. Clang
15. Spirit!!
16. alone
17. -Omajinai Time-
18. glory
19. you.
22. Choose Me

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