Squid Cult Chatters About Seeing Your Squid in the Ocean Waters and Music Too of Course!

Slimy rock band Squid Cult have been focused upon their upcoming album "All Boys Leave Home Someday", out this summer. With that album, came a debut single from not just the band but the album as well, the track titled "Baby Blue", a great introduction to the band, and how and why they do as they do in term's of music creativity goes. The band goes into chatter about this so called Squid Cult, among other things!

1. What type of band are you?

KM: Slimy rock.

2. Can you tell us in a brief summarization the history of your band?

DT: I met the band through a mutual friend producing a couple songs of mine. We grilled and chilled, and clicked pretty well immediately. I’ve been waiting my whole life for conspirators like these.

3. Who was the one to come up with the band's name Squid Cult?

DT: Karter found the name somewhere in the dark corners of his brain. Before that we tried out about 400+ names: all hilarious, mostly terrible. Maybe we’ll publish that spreadsheet someday.

4. Does the band's name have in anyway deal with an actual Squid Cult, run by squids!

KM: Sort of...I found the phrase in this book "Kraken" by China Mieville. In the book there’s a "squid cult" that worships Giant Squids as gods. We kind of took the concept and adapted it into something different...something more about finding the inner squid.

5. While on the topic of sea life, what is your favorite sea animal in existence?

KM: I’ve always been partial to the Megamouth Shark (megachasma pelagios). They seem like they could use a friend.

6. If each band member was an actual sea creature, which one each one be and why?

KM: Hmm… Csongor would be some sort of pelican, a diving hunting bird type thing. Dan is such a squid brain I can’t really imagine him as anything else. Max, I dunno, a mantis shrimp? He’s pretty strong. And I wanna be a sea slug.

7. "Baby Blue", is the debut single to come from you, can to discuss it for us?

DT: Sure. "Baby Blue" is our little baby. I think of it as a "comfort song"—the kind of song you can carry in your pocket like a hand warmer on a freezing day. I hope so anyway. It’s one of those songs that came from the best parts of several other songs-in-process. To me it’s like a little diamond. It’s little and lovingly formed, catching the light in some new way every time I see it.

8. Does this particular track come off an upcoming release perhaps an EP or LP?

DT: It comes from our first of probably many many LP’s: "All Boys Leave Home Someday".

9. How does the band go about promoting themselves and all that they do?

DT: We’re lucky to have Sera Roadnite to guide

10. What is coming up for shows and tours, anything at all?

DT: Of course! We’re most excited about our Squid Summer Solstice 2018 party on 6/21 at the rec center in Los Angeles. We hope you’ll come through. :)

11. How about plans for the rest of this year, anything worth mentioning?

DT: We’re really excited to release our first record, "All Boys Leave Home Someday". I’d say the past 6 to 8 months, we’ve been hyper focused in creating: our nice-to-meet-you album and a bunch of fun art videos to go with it. Keep your ears peeled, we’re going to be putting out a lot fun stuff in these next couple months.

12. Anything else you want to add on or say?

DT: Go to the beach ASAP. Forget all the things you have to do. Stare into the water a while. See if your squid stares back.

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