Kingkween - Sex

Perhaps it is a play on the name "Halloween" with its use of "ween" but perhaps not. In any case though, Kingkween see the use of "ween" and how it may relate to "Halloween", anyway this particular act has been around for a while now. Having released a debut full-length "Wild One" in 2016, with the follow-up being a debut EP "Futurepast" release out now in 2018. This release containing the track titled of all things "Sex".

Now you may be thinking the obvious but believe it or not, this track is not about that. Upon listening to the track, the style was even questionable, assuming immediately that just by the title choice that this would likely be something out of the likeness of rap, hip hop sense, but it goes down a whole another path completely. The style being indie, alternative pop, and fusion as well. Their style being a combination throwback of late 60's mixed with 80's era momentum. That is what "Sex" brings forth, and how the tracks content fits right into the tone of beats coming from the track itself.

The track brings to mind that one hit wonder of the past titled "Danger" by The Flirts. That one and "Sex", being slightly similar in both tone and style. But only slightly due to the instrumental side. Vocalization side of things, the two tracks sort of sound alike but not so much. As for the actual content, as mentioned beforehand, the context of the track does not detail actual sex details, but expresses the individual waiting for the other for the entire night.

Whilst the context of the actual track, is fine and dandy, the music itself is again, very fluid and fun going. In short, it is just a type of track that has a lot of energy, essence, and is one you will remember for countless times over. Kingkween's "Sex" from their "Futurepast" EP is a track that everyone can enjoy and recall again and again.

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