SophistipunX - A Common Thread

New Jersey punks SophistipunX have an all new EP out and about making quite the buzz as it were. It being called "A Common Thread", taking in similarities from across the board, their style sounding like Pennywise crossed with Sublime mixed in with some sensations of The Unseen as well as The Casualties too.

Like for instance tracks like "Common Thread" and "Sorry Not Sorry", found more like a blend between The Unseen and The Casualties, whereas "Locked Down" and "Succubus", fall between the likes of Sublime and Pennywise aspects. Each of these tracks being out a rather punk rock style that is both classy yet modernized as well. It stays to the punk rock vibe either way, creating this ongoing atmosphere that never wants to quit really.

While the rest of the material off the EP "A Common Thread", is more or less just extra, being there to keep the spunk of punk rock alive and breathing well. SophistipunX  is overall a punk rock act, of the current era of punk rock timing, keeping the origins of the genre still kicking, as it is pushed forward into the next several generations, for others to absorb and take in as their own. In other words, just allowing it to be taken for what it is, punk rock music, except more finer and fuller of rawness that it still progresses in stride.

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