Singular - S/T

One man band solo project called only Singular, has released an EP titled "S/T". The now sold out EP released this past spring time, is hard to describe, as it is indeed metal, to the ear but what particular genre choice is hard to determine. It sounds like an assortment of genres, like black metal, punk, rock, metal, experimental, hardcore, melodic metal, a bit of everything really. Take such tracks as "Redcross" featuring Mira, the track is heavy duty material, with raw force of energy, it just sounds angry through and through. Whereas other tracks off the EP like "Obey The System" featuring vocals by Rafael makes the material much more grounded, on a level which is pure progression mixed with adrenaline intensity. One of the other tracks to come off this EP would be "Scophobia" featuring Scott, is pure and simple fast hitting instrumental force, with vocalization that is just as quick. If fast intensity is to your liking, then by all accounts, does Singular cover all that, if not possibly even more so. "S/T", is an EP of sorts, that captures of the rush, of what all that is the metal genre, has to offer, just within this one piece of work, that is so furious it has no other meaning for its existence.

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