Light This City's Ben Talks of Band's Return and All New Album After So Long of Being Gone!

Bay Area, Californians Light This City has been notably active on and off over the years, since their formation back in 2002. Having only released five full-length albums including most newest and recent "Terminal Bloom", the band has as you say, come a long way. Part guitarist and drummer of the band Ben Murray goes into talking about the band's recent return, new album, and how the future pans out for them moving forward.

1. First of all, please introduce your band and band members to our readers.

It's just me (Ben Murray) doing this interview, and I play drums in Light This City!

2. To those who may not know, how did you come to get the band's name Light This City, does the name reference anything?

Laura and I came up with the name in 2003, and it really doesn't mean anything, we just thought it sounded cool.  In hindsight, I definitely think we would have chosen a different name, as this one doesn't sound like our band sounds, if you know what I mean?

3. Let's reflect on the past of LTC, you disbanded back in 2008, only to reunited a handful of times there after, coming back in full for 2017 forward. So why did the band disband in the first place?

We disbanded in 2008 because Laura and I felt burnt out -  We had been touring for 6 years straight and started the band when we were both 14 years old.  We wanted to breathe for once and touring so much had just taken a toll on us both mentally.  We were in the middle of a tour with Death Angel, and something hit us both, and we decided to head home.  We couldn't do it any more, it's almost too weird to explain...

4. After the disbandment, the band did get together for reunion pop-ups, why not get back officially during those times, as opposed to holding off until 2017, was there a reasoning behind it?

The 2010 "reunion" shows were more like final shows, to get some closure and play "Stormchaser" songs one time before we were gone officially. However, the 2015 reunion show w/ Darkest Hour is when we started toying with the idea of actually writing a new record, because we enjoyed the process of rehearsing for the show so much.  We also realized that we still had it in us technically, and had a great time playing melodic death metal again.

5. So then why did LTC come back together officially, what was the reasoning there?

We figured why not!? A lot of fans came from all over in 2015 to that reunion show, and the show was so fun, it made us realize that a lot of people value our music.  We wanted to give it another shot, try another record, because we knew it would be refreshing, fun, and comfortable for us, as we're all actually good friends that hangout outside the band.

6. Since the band got back together, an album had to follow through, which it did with the fifth being titled "Terminal Blood", but it had the band 10 years since the last album, up until this one, so what will come from this lengthy gap?

The record is out now, so I'd say these 10 new songs are what came from the gap!  However, we plan on doing a bit of touring to support this record, so hopefully fans can see us again for the first time in a while, or the first time ever!

7. Will this 10 year gap be in celebration in any way, because your fourth album "Stormchaser", is in it's tenth year, will you be doing anything for it?

Not specifically for it's 10th year, but we are definitely celebrating being back together and having a new album that we're super proud of.  But no, we won't be focusing solely on Stormchaser, we really want to get out there and play these new songs, as we all think they're our best songs yet.

8. Have you considered do any type of performance or tour where a particular album will be played in it's entirety?

Hmm, I'd say at this point we'd have to wait for a 20 year "Facing the Thousand" tour, haha.  Probably not, but I'll never say never...

9. Speaking of touring, you will be heading out on a mini run for the summer, what can be expected from these array of showcases?

We just wanna party and shred with our fans!  It'll be super fun to play some of these cities that we haven't been to in over a decade.  We're also planning East Coast, Mexico, and Japanese tours at the moment.  And maybe even a short Texas run of shows!

10. Besides LTC, the band formed other projects Heartsounds and The Urchin Barren, will we ever see those acts playing a show or touring together with LTC?

The Urchin Barren is long gone, but Ryan and Jon Frost play in GLACIER EATER, who rule hard. Ryan and I also play in WILDERNESS DREAM, which we currently stay busy with as well.  On that note, Steve Hoffman also plays in MOHICANS and VIRAL, both amazing bands!  But no, none of these bands will tour with LTC, because we've tried that before and it's a bit too exhausting... haha. 

11. Will we ever see or hear LTC's material played in the acoustic format, but with the screaming vocals in place?

Definitely not.

12. What are the plans that are in-store from you guys for this year?

Just the touring I mentioned earlier, and that's about it!  We'll continue to brainstorm places to play, and just try to support this record as much as possible!

13. Would you like to say anything to your fans and our readers?

Thanks so much for all the kind words and positive feedback on "Terminal Bloom"!  Nothing means more than our fans digging this new shit, so thanks to you all that pre-ordered or listened! Means the world!

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