Gone Is Gone Releases "Echolocation" Video

Gone Is Gone has released "Echolocation", the grotesquely fun and bizarre companion video for their debut album's title track.

“The video is inspired by Gibsonton, Florida, the famous wintering and retirement home of traveling sideshow carnies,” says GONE IS GONE vocalist/bassist Troy Sanders. “That’s the backdrop for this cautionary tale about two punks out on an adventure ride. Through a series of events, the mischievous energy they exert returns full circle, eventually leading to their own demise.”

The “Echolocation” video stars Sanders and GONE IS GONE multi-instrumentalist/composer Mike Zarin and was written, produced, directed and edited by Newmerica Media and filmed at Silver Scream FX Lab studios in Conley, GA.

“Without the magic of NewMerica Media & Silver Scream FX Lab, this video would never have seen the light of day,” says Sanders. “They did an incredible job.”

“Troy came up with the initial concept,” says Newmerica director Bryan Bankovich. “Then we met with him for deviled eggs and whiskey to refine his vision. We had so many talented people working together to make this epic concept come to life. Production Designer and Art Director Shane Morton and his team were instrumental in making this video a reality. He was in charge of all the ridiculous props, SFX, and creatures you see on screen. And fun fact: Troy's two kids and wife are characters in the video, playing the wolf boy, orphan girl, and soothsayer, respectively.”

Echolocation (Rise Records/Black Dune Records), GONE IS GONE’s much-buzzed-about debut album.

Check it out right HERE.

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