Awake At Last - Life/Death/Rebirth

Theatrical music is a wide range of music, that has been composed or adapted for performances in theatres. It became a thing for some artists and bands within the music scene, including such acts as Farewell, My Love, One Last Shot, and Awake At Last. Who have since forming back in 2011, have played over 200 showcases since their debut EP "King Of The World" released back in 2014. This Dover, Delaware act is one not to miss out on, hence why they are so consist in touring, writing, and recording material to get word of their theatrical rock based tunes out in the open ever so further.

After the trek that was for their debut EP release, they went on to write and record material that would include a new single turned video for "Never Be A Memory", that would then lead to them heading back into the studio in 2016 on and off, working with producer Andrew Baylis to record the follow-up release in the form of another EP titled "Life/Death/Rebirth". It is a concept EP that navigates through the different aspects of the human personality and consciousness. Thus with that concept a upon this EP, that theatrical rock elements has added a heavier edge to it, blending in other elements like atmospheric for instance, so you get a mixture of everything both past, present, and future.

When it comes down to it, the band was able to blend together not just those genre aspects, but take the likes of post-hardcore, metalcore, and alternative rock influences as well, tossing it altogether atop their former emo meets theatrical rock sound to create who they are now as Awake At Last with this EP "Life/Death/Rebirth".

As for the EP's material in comparison to their last single and previous EP release, this newer material is much more rounded, it's modern yet fresher to the ears and listeners alike. It still manages to maintain that theatrical aspect to a point, but breaks away from it at times, making it be more interesting to hear. Like on "Purgatorium" for instance, the whole theatrical theme is preserved quite well. Whereas on "Reflections" it takes the approach of the more metalcore/post-hardcore feel and vibes except more toned down. "White Rabbit", as well as the rest of the EP is more so in the middle of the genre mixing and blending. You can a picture of how all of the sounds come together on this track the others as well. Which in turn just becomes quite an enjoyable ride of melodies.

The vocalization and instrumentals used throughout this EP are done well, it has that high quality that can be heard rather well. Vocal chords being crisp and clear, even with the minor screaming portions, you still get that fierce tone of affect. Whilst the guitar, bass, and drum work, is done flawlessly, they all pretty much stay in tone and check with one another, bringing the music together than breaking it apart. Everything just works out for one another, making their music unique yet refreshing.

All in all Awake At Last's "Life/Death/Rebirth" EP, is a solid piece of work, that takes a whole another direction of approach, to their style of music. It may differ at times, but it shows an increase of maturity in sound and craftsmanship.

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