We Ride's Mimi Explains the Empowering Way of Life

Metal with it's assorted sub-genres has one entitled hardcore, but if you want to really get specific there's a version of hardcore called old school hardcore, that is the genre of choice for a band called We Ride! "Empowering Life" will be We Ride's Victory Records debut release, since they got signed to them. That being said, front women vocalist Mimi Telmo discusses said release, their signing, and how they became the band they are today.

1.What role do you play in the band?

Mimi: My name is Mimi and I do vocals.

2. Where does a name like WE RIDE, come from and does it have a representation for it?

Mimi: It is actually a quote from the movie Bad Boys with Martin Lawrence & Will Smith. We were looking for a name for our band and it came to our mind, “We Ride together, we die together,” and it represents exactly that, our commitment with each other and our friendship.

3. What has influenced your sound and style?

Mimi: Well, we all come from extremely varied musical backgrounds and that is something that has benefited us for sure, we just try to mix everything we like with no rules.

4. What are your songs about?

Mimi: They are still in the same line, we talk about things that concern us, current problems that society suffers such as refugees, corruption, gender inequality, sexism etc. We also have more personal ones and with a positive message, we are all about the PMA!

5. Do you write your own songs?

Mimi: Of course! How could we not?

6. How do you describe your music to people?

Mimi: Hard, fast, passionate and positive!

7. Why did you think that "Do It All Again", "What You Are", and "Self Made", were the right songs to be made into singles and videos? Can we expect any more off this album?

Mimi: We wanted to put the more positive ones out first (Self Made and Do It All Again) , we like how these chorus’ are a bit more melodic and different from what people were used to listen from us.
You can expect a lot more of our album, there are also songs with more heavy breaks and powerful messages.

8. You will soon be releasing your new album, can you tell me a little bit about it?

Mimi: The album was recorded in February of last year so we are really excited it’s finally out!
We have worked a lot on it, we wanted to introduce a different sound, we wanted to play more melodic choruses and play with more melodic voices. We still kept the heavy breaks we love!

9. What is the concept behind this album and how did the idea come about?

Mimi: It’s an album about life, the things we love and hate the most and how you can focus on the bad thing to make them better. It’s important for us to send a message to the world, something to make people think and become aware of the problems the society is suffering and need a solution.

10. What is your favorite song on the new album and why?

Mimi: My favorite song is ‘Summer’ because it has a very personal meaning to me.

11. What can fans expect from the new WE RIDE album?

Mimi: They are going to find something different to our previous works, but still with our characteristic sound.

12. What was the writing and recording process like for the album?

Mimi: The writing process was much slower than we expected but we were not in a hurry, we wanted to take our time and enjoy the process. For the recording process, we locked ourselves in the studio for two weeks and worked on it. We had made a pre-production before hitting to the studio so we had a clear idea of what we wanted.

13. Why do you think people should check out your new album once released?

Mimi: If they liked our previous works I think they will love this one! We put a lot of work and passion in this album and we hope people like it as much as we do.

14. How would you say you differ from other bands and artists on the scene?

Mimi: We don’t like to compare ourselves to other bands since we think every band is unique but I would say we mix elements of other styles as Punk Rock and Metal and we do not close our minds in doing only Hardcore.

15. What do you want to achieve as a band?

Mimi: We want to be able to do what we love, to tour the world and to meet new places and people!
We want to make of the world a better place and we believe that is possible if everyone puts his bit in.

16. What does next year hold for WE RIDE?

Mimi: A lot of shows we hope! We are leaving for a European Tour in a couple of weeks, then we have some Summer festivals and we are working on some tours through America and Asia for later this year!

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