Lorelei Dreaming - Banshee

Dark, electro, dystopian dance music siren Lorelei Dreaming, has taken some time to go on to write and record her debut EP release titled "Banshee". The EP consisting of 5-tracks of original works, while the bonus material is 11-tracks of additional music consisting of remixes of her works, done by various artists. That said, the debut EP portion is quite good. In fact, it is more than good, it is done really well. If the genre choices mentioned at the start didn't grab you attention, then the music portrayed surely will do the trick. As this is no trick at all. It is rather a treat! As is this release that is "Banshee". The EP as said consists of 5-tracks of original material, some of which is more outstanding than the last, for instance take such songs as "Scream With Me:", "Edge Of The World", and "Echo Chamber".

These trio of tracks really makes this release stand out as a whole. As in you really get a feel for it. It's pride, passion, and powerful music as a whole full circle if you will. It is all there, within these songs alone. The songs are quite catchy, edgy even, while the vocal chords mixed well with the instrumentals are a solid piece of work. The two tend to play off one another, working as one, as each one is mixed together so well it makes the music ever flow, as you listen into it. The vocal chords are there sounding superb as ever. While the instrumental portions are done good too, having an element all their own, that has them sounding gloomy yet heavy, but keeps to the mixture of dark, electro, and dance style music, keeping the groove in check to the beats.

All in all, Lorelei Dreaming's debut EP is chalk full of interesting sets of material. The original set of tracks will really move you. While the remixes tossed in for good measure, will keep good company for more entertainment. It is truly a release with an act to follow up on, if not persistently enough.

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