Chiral - Gazing Light Eternity

Italy has been know for a variety of things, music is one of course. But this type of music may not be one for all, when it comes to the genre of metal, and it's assorted genre listing's such as black metal, not many take a liking towards it, due to its raw yet edgy material. In any case though, Chiral's latest album "Gazing Light Eternity", is chalk full of the black metal style, mixed in with other mixtures of the genre, ranging from ambient styles to atmospheric, this handful chunk being the sum of how their style unfolds and upholds if that makes sense.

In any case, the album having just a few tracks, 2 of which going as long as 15 minutes almost, has the remaining tracks be half of that, but still sounding heavy yet dramatic at times. Like for instance take the opener simply titled "Part 1 (The Gazer)", this song is going to about 15 minutes in length alone, having the song itself, be heavy, intense, but very mellow too. The instrumentals and vocal chords being very drowned out, having the tones, working well with one another, that it makes that time span, sound decent and yet pleasant to hear.

Whereas the other tracks, divided into other parts, "Part, 2, 3," and so forth, combine this, but it is more structured and laid out. Like "Part 3 (The Crown)", this is not that long in length time for the song itself, but goes half of that, at about 6 minutes or so. This track being different in time length, but still aggressive yet raw as the opening number.

The rest of the album's tracks pretty much intertwine with the rest of the album, as a whole, having it come together, completing it, to be a well rounded piece, that is as said, aggressive, raw, edgy, yet still mellow dramatic with that flow of beat, that keeps the music constantly moving, having it be very entertaining and enjoyable at times.

Chiral's "Gazing Light Eternity" is one of those releases, that will get you thinking, and keep you in check, and in tune to the music being portrayed, as it just works so well from all angles, that it is coming from. Plus, they are just one of those acts that you will have to follow along, trying to see where they will likely end up next.

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