Unearth - Darkness In The Light

In the late 90s Massachusetts’s Unearth would see the light. "Darkness In The Light", is their fifth full-length, the quintet have delivered their most honest, powerful, and compelling statement to date, driving a fist into the collective gut of every image-obsessed wannabe metal band currently cluttering up the landscape, and setting a new standard when it comes to marrying precision brute force and exhilarating melody.

Whilst this took three years to make, the band's previous release saw them working at their very hardest creating a legion of followers that they can rely on no matter what. Looking back at their much earlier works 2006's III: In the Eyes Of Fire" and 2004's "The Oncoming Storm" frontman Trevor Phipps believed that they had to return to where they once began and that is what bring us back to this so-called 'Darkness In The Light" release.

With its eleven tracks this release sees forth the long time fans with the new comers "Watch It Burn" ignites an explosive retch of guitar work with powerful vocals that surge right into the music. Whereas "Arise The War Cry", reaches greater strengths in lyrical context and instrumental purposes. Now "Shadows In The Light", "Eyes Of Black", and "Disillusion", recaptures the band at their earlier peak of their musical career returning to how things were on 2004's "The Oncoming Storm".

Unearth's lyrical context with empowering music structure really compels the band's ability when wanting to make the music they want. The band will be gearing things up to bring the darkness back into the light.

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