Asking Alexandria Past to Present?

 U.K. sensation Asking Alexandria were a bunch of nobodies before their debut release "Stand Up and Scream" (2009) since that release the band has indeed made a name for themselves sparking quite a fan base and following that has lead up to their sophomore release "Reckless and Relentless" (2011) which reveals their true colors. Or in this case of matters Danny Worsnop's colors, frontman Worsnop along with the rest of the Asking Alexandria crew went the old school Ramones look for their promotion photo shoots then Worsnop decided to chop off his signature look of long hair then did a whole attitude adjustment in both personality and performance structure.
Worsnop’s new appeal isn’t the typical band t-shirt with skinny jeans anymore it is now a fully well dressed young man with short hair that leaves his personality at a standstill. Asking Alexandria’s performance is without saying stale and falls flat of its previous competitor. Like take when Asking Alexandria took part in their headlining tour in 2010 when they were on the road with From First to Last, A Bullet For A Pretty Boy, and  We Came As Romans, Worsnop was more energetic, passionate, and aggressive at this time and point.

Now fast forward it to their recent headlining run of 2011, Worsnop is with his new do and whole new attitude. It goes without saying that Worsnop caused Asking Alexandria to get banned from a venue due to their rowdiness and drunkenness.  This is all due to Worsnop’s attitude of witnessing the real rockstar lifestyle. Now that he’s engulfed it it’s consumed him and made him someone he is not. His performance technique fails to compare to his 2010 talents. He talks to the audience quite too much being “too into himself” while also not doing much of anything but standing within the same spot the entire time, let alone his classic screaming abilities lack the essence of what’s he’s best known for not drawing much appreciation at all.
Asking Alexandria were superb when they were first brought onto the music scene and now that they’ve banned together a following they can commence as they own,  there is little to no telling as to how far they will end up next or just how much longer they will even seem to last….

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